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Our Programs

House Parties for Causes

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Fun-filled House venues and hands-on interactions between consumers, brands, and causes. Together cause leaders and empowerment partners customize branded campaigns that increase reach, engagement, branding, and revenues for Brands, Causes, and Leadership Organizations alike -- leaving a documented footprint of social good through the production of House Parties.

Each party delivers informed, intentional, social change and empowers Brands as movement leaders in partnership with influencers, organizations, and their causes.

    For Party Hosts:
  • Host a party in your own home
  • Get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends
  • Matching cash prize to use with your network to raise funds for the causes you care about
    For Brands:
  • Clear messages and intentional actions. Sales conversions and bigger lifts
  • Experiential word of mouth cause marketing program that generates thousands of advocates
  • Millions of conversations - thousands of hours of brand / cause engagement

It’s a way for brands, influencers, leadership organizations and their causes to all be part of something bigger, as thousands of hosts and guests from across the US are also having an awesome time, on the same day making a world of difference

Book of Greatness

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Book of greatness is an experience-driven social marketing platform that enables brands and influencers to work together on cause-marketing campaigns, share products, conversions, footprints for good and revenues.

  • Find out about upcoming House Parties for causes.
  • Opportunities to share socially responsible brands and entertainment with your family and friends
  • Fundraising pages and matching funds to benefit your local community and the causes you care about
  • A Hall of Greatness to honor Brands, Leadership Organizations, Causes, and Party Hosts

Smart Media Productions

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Unlike robots customizing data into advertisement, we facilitate conversations with influencers, cause leaders, and brands and document the themes of these conversations (the common ground, issues, actions) into social media products Brands can use.

  • campaign images (authentic photos, comments, recommendations)
  • video shorts and slogans
  • action steps for engagement for social good. From buying products to rounding up bills to fund a charity of choice to participating in our House Party events